Where The Steaks Come From

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At Kemah Steak Company, we take pride in delivering consistent, fine foods to our valued customers. For this reason, we make sure to work alongside of companies that hold themselves to the same high standard as we do. Which is why we get our steak from the well-known “Allen Brothers: The Great Steakhouse Steaks.”

Founded in 1893 on Chicago’s famed “Union Stockyards,” Allen Brothers has been the premier purveyor of the best tasting, most consistent, and award winning USDA prime beefs. The sole focus of Allen Brothers is to “ensure that the world’s finest beef and other foods are enjoyed by all.” Allen Brothers sets the bar for other beef distributors by hand selecting the very best, grass fed and pasture raised superior breeds.

Not only does Allen Brothers export beef and foods in the top 2% percentage of the USDA requirements, the company also exceeds expectations for food safety commitment and personal, knowledgeable customer service. Just like we do at Kemah Steak Company, Allen Brothers takes extra measures to ensure that their customers are satisfied and happy with what they are ordering and consuming.