Where The Steaks Come From

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At Kemah Steak Company, we take pride in delivering consistent, fine foods to our valued customers. For this reason, we make sure to work alongside of companies that hold themselves to the same high standard as we do. Which is why we get our steak from the well-known “Allen Brothers: The Great Steakhouse Steaks.”

Wine Wednesdays

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It’s Wednesday, you are halfway through the incredibly stressful work week and that much closer to the beloved Friday. The only possible way to reward yourself is with a half price bottle of wine (of your choosing) to accompany your evenings dinner. At Kemah Steak Company we offer one of the largest selections of wines…

Exotic Filets

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For our guests that are looking to try something a little more exotic, Kemah Steak Company is offering Bison fillets for a limited time. Our 14oz Bison fillets allow for a healthier meal than the common beef steaks, due to the Bison’s saturated fat content, which is significantly lower. Bison also contains high percentages of…

Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks

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Many restaurants have a dish that is considered to be the guests favorite. These dishes usually keep guests coming back, to order the same delicious entree they had on a previous trip. At Kemah Steak Company we are fortunate enough to have multiple favorite dishes that keep our wonderful guests pleased with us. Because we keep an array of fresh fish available to our guests, we are able to serve them the same dishes time and time again, while also offering unique twists to our featured items. 

Ordering Beef 4-1-1

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How each person orders their beef is an artwork and master piece all in its own. Every order a person gives is unique and special to their specific tastes. There is no right or wrong way (although some people may disagree) to order your steaks and beef. To make it a little easier and more clear of how to order your steaks, we have put together an “Ordering Beef 4-1-1,” which explains the “Degrees of Doneness.”

Better With Age

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Most things, whether it be wine, cheese, and even people get better over time and with age. This process that we call “aging” is particularly important for meats; as meat becomes more tender and flavorful with age. Here at kemah Steak Company, we take the time and consideration to allow our meats to age properly.