Exotic Filets

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For our guests that are looking to try something a little more exotic, Kemah Steak Company is offering Bison fillets for a limited time. Our 14oz Bison fillets allow for a healthier meal than the common beef steaks, due to the Bison’s saturated fat content, which is significantly lower. Bison also contains high percentages of essential elements that keep the body in pristine condition such as, Zinc, Niason, Vitamin D, and Selenium.

Not only is Bison better for your health, it gives the consumer the opportunity of expanding their knowledge on a wide variety of meats. Bison cattle are raised almost completely opposite of cows and usually come from much different environments. For this reason, the Bison develops a taste that all its own, almost incomparable to beef steaks.

We at Kemah Steak Company find that our guests enjoy ordering sauteed spinach and our signature truffle mac and cheese to complete this divine treat; only after finishing off one of our crisp and creamy blue cheese wedge salads. But don’t forget the wine of course! Ask your server for a couple glasses Papillon- our recent most popular item.