Seared Ahi Tuna Steaks

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Many restaurants have a dish that is considered to be the guests favorite. These dishes usually keep guests coming back, to order the same delicious entree they had on a previous trip. At Kemah Steak Company we are fortunate enough to have multiple favorite dishes that keep our wonderful guests pleased with us. Because we keep an array of fresh fish available to our guests, we are able to serve them the same dishes time and time again, while also offering unique twists to our featured items. 

Right now, our most popular dish is the seared ahi tuna steaks. A beautifully crafted dish of two large portion ahi tuna steaks, seared to perfection on our black top grill, encrusted with all-natural hemp seeds, and placed over a smooth bed of wasabi mash potatoes. To tie the whole dish together, a creamy, lump crab meat sauce is carefully drizzled all over the top.

This light, yet filling and full flavored meal is perfect for an early dinner of one, or a night out for two. Pair our ahi tuna steaks with a glass of La Crema chardonnay from California or Concannon sauvignon blanc also from California.